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Since 2015, our agricultural products have insured approximately 3 million smallholder farmers and over 30 value-chain stakeholders in more than 25 countries in partnership with over 15 insurance and reinsurance companies. 

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Outside of Africa, our consultants have done significant work in agriculture insurance in Albania, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka. We have also collaborated on research and capacity building work in Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. 


SCALING UP OF WEATHER INDEX INSURANCE PRODUCTS: Our products have insured approx. 2 million smallholder farmers in Zambia over 2 seasons via a government scheme

LIVE AGRICULTURE INSURANCE PRODUCTS DEVELOPED AND LAUNCHED in Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Approx. 3 million farmers insured since 2015

DEVELOPING WEATHER AND YIELD-INDEX INSURANCE PRODUCTS in Angola, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania, Botswana. Approx. 12 products developed  

TRAINING OF INSURERS, DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS, GOVERNMENT, SERVICE PROVIDERS ETC. in Angola, Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia,  Malawi, Nepal. Approx. 30 trainings provided through workshops and trainings

TRAINING OF FARMERS AND FIELD STAFF in Zambia, Malawi. Approximately 30,000 farmers trained directly and 4,000 field operatives trained

ACTUARIAL TRAINING OF INSURANCE COMPANIES in Angola, Bangladesh, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia. Approx. 10 weeks of actuarial trainings provided, including actuarial analysis and pricing 

FEASIBILITY STUDIES in Albania, Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Approx. 12 feasibility studies and diagnostics carried out. 

SUPPORTING REGULATORY PROCESS in Bangladesh, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria. Support with regulatory framework and approval process in 6 countries

DEVELOPING SOCIAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS in Zambia. Extension of pensions and other social security products for farmers and casual workers.

LIVESTOCK INSURANCE in Bangladesh, Ghana, Zambia. Index and Indemnity products developed in 3 countries

LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE products developed/launched in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. 

DIGITAL AND MOBILE INSURANCE in Ghana, Zambia. Regulations, Product Development, Risk Analysis and Feasibility in 2 countries.

DEVELOPING AWARENESS RAISING AND MARKETING MATERIALS in Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia. Materials developed in 4 countries and translated in approx. 10 local languages  

RESEARCH PROJECTS AND CAPACITY BUILDING in Germany, United Kingdom and United States. Applied research projects with universities, researchers and organisations in 3 countries.

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