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We can develop, price and implement the following types of insurance products:

  • Weather Index Insurance (based on weather stations and satellite data)

  • Yield Index Insurance

  • Crop and Livestock Indemnity Insurance 

  • Life and Funeral Micro-insurance

  • Health Micro-insurance

  • Personal Accident insurance

  • Fire, Theft, Business Interruption Insurance 

  • Hybrid and Bundled products

  • Mobile-based insurance products

Weather Index Insurance (WII) 

We specialize in designing, pricing and implementing WII products for smallholder farmers. Since 2015, we have developed/implemented WII products in approx. 20 countries in Africa and Asia, insuring approx. 3 million farmers via 30 value-chain stakeholders and in partnership with 15 insurance companies. 

In Africa, the products are predominantly based on satellite data, estimating rainfall, other weather parameters and vegetation. In Asia, the products are mostly based on weather stations and rain gauges. The products provide coverage against various weather based perils, such as:

  • Drought

  • Dry spells

  • Excessive rainfall

  • Flooding

  • Cold Spells

  • Heat Waves


Potential benefits of WII for farmers are the following:






Potential benefits of WII for agri-businesses, financial institutions, NGOs, and other value-chain stakeholders are the following:

  • Protection from weather events - reduces volatility of income over time;

  • Better access to credit/ better terms;

  • Reduces burden of repaying loan in bad years; 

  • Increases yield due to more investment;

  • Access to other benefits (Group cover) and Value-Added Services;

  • Easier access to farm inputs in bad years;

  • Allows farmers to replant and try again.

  • Better access to credit/ better terms 

  • Reduces loan defaults & enables more disbursals;

  • Better client relationship with farmers;

  • Increases yield output;

  • More risk-based business strategy

  • Reduces portfolio risk;

  • Better diversification of risk;

  • Marketing tool for new clients;

  • Improves farmer loyalty/retention;

  • Potential to reduce side-selling 

Area Yield Index Insurance (AYII)

We develop Area and Group Yield Index Insurance products based on crop yield data from different sources. YII products are index insurance products based on the yield experience of groups of farmers and using data from neutral sources, such as agriculture-extension services. YII products can be very difficult to implement, however they can add value in terms of reducing basis risk and providing a better match to the yield experienced by farmers and the value-chain. We have developed YII products in Bangladesh, Kenya and Zambia.   

Life, Funeral, Personal Accident

We develop life, funeral and personal accident products for the micro-insurance market. These products are usually bundled together with underlying credit, farming inputs or incorporated in the agriculture value-chain. Our funeral insurance products cost as little as $0.80 per life insured on an annual basis. We have developed life and personal accident products for several countries, including Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Livestock Insurance 

We develop livestock insurance on both index and indemnity basis. Index insurance products have been based on vegetation, weather and mortality indices. Indemnity products have been developed on named and multi-peril bases. Perils covered include death (due to natural causes and accidents), diseases, loss of fodder, drought and the outbreak of epidemics. We have developed livestock insurance products in Bangladesh, Ghana and Zambia.

Health Micro-insurance 

We develop and implement health micro-insurance, predominantly targeted at lower middle to low income earners. The hospital-cash product provides a cash benefit on hospitalisation of an insured person for longer than a set period due to any accident or illness. The product pays a benefit for each day spent in hospital as long as one has been hospitalised for a minimum number of days. The product is usually distributed on a bundled basis but has also been launched on a stand-alone basis. We have developed and launched a health micro-insurance product in Zambia.

Other Products

We have also developed mobile-based and digital insurance products, particularly in Zambia and Ghana, linked to airtime and mobile-money. We have developed micro-pension products in Zambia for smallholder farmers and casual rural workers. We have also developed bundled products, combining different types of micro-insurance products. 

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