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We provide both technical and operational services for setting up, operating and improving insurance products. We provide services in the following areas: 

  • Actuarial Expertise and Technical Support

  • Feasibility Studies and Diagnostics

  • Capacity Building and Trainings

  • Operational Support

Acturial Expertise
Actuarial & Technical Expertise

​We specialize in the actuarial analysis of insurance products. Our actuarial areas of expertise includes Big Data Analytics of satellite-based weather data and developing different types of indices to insure production and post-production losses. We offer actuarial pricing based on both deterministic and stochastic models, statistical risk analysis, multi-variate modelling and data mining techniques. We also provide support on product design, underwriting, reserving, capital modelling, regulatory guidelines, monitoring of product performance and analytics in associated agri-business and banking/ micro-finance products. We also offer services as a claims calculation agency for index insurance products and carry out claims assessments for indemnity products in some cases.

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Operational Support
Operational support

​We provide end to end operational support for all modalities, which includes training of trainers, supporting marketing campaigns, preparation of the insurance policy document and reinsurance slip and negotiating placement of the insurance and reinsurance cover. We also advise on the modalities of premium and claims payment, evaluation of products and explanation of claim pay-outs.

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Capacity Building
Capacity Building

Capacity building of all relevant stakeholders is key for the success of inclusive insurance products. We specialise in the capacity building and training of different stakeholders, such as insurers, reinsurers, banks, financial institutions, agri-businesses, regulatory bodies, meteorological departments, government ministries and farmer organizations. We can also deliver specialist actuarial trainings on key technical areas for agriculture, index and other types of insurance products. We are also able to deliver trainings to smallholder farmers, rural entrepreneurs, local communities and field staff.

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Feasibility Study 

We have carried out numerous feasibility studies and diagnostics on different types of insurance and social security solutions. In these studies we are able to assess technical, operational and policy related feasibility of different types of products for different countries and types of end-beneficiaries. We also specialise in data collection, SWOT analysis, analysing distribution models, business projection and strategic planning.

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